francecover2016Moulin de Larcy is a watermill on the banks of the river Dronne, Dordogne, France, dating back to the early 1800’s, which Simon, my husband, and I, Anita Black, founder of Write the Future, purchased in 2002 in an extremely forlorn, neglected state.  We have together transformed this sad old building back to its beautiful elegance, which now stands with dignity.  Moulin de Larcy has now become an established, hidden, wellbeing retreat, with Michelin recognition since 2009.

Moulin de Larcy would create a harmonious marriage with the Write the Future project being formed on its doorstep; already having 9 hectares (20 acres) of land which has been protected from pesticides and chemicals. This has also served to protect its bee hives, organic vegetable garden, free range hens etc.

As Simon and I do not have children, we envisage Moulin de Larcy one day becoming part of the Foundation within the Living Environment, thereby protecting this haven and maintaining that to which it has become accustomed.

Moulin de Larcy also reflects that ‘it is possible’ to realize your vision.


The overall aim of this Project is to transform an area in South West France into a place of purity — protecting a piece of the Earth from the ravages of pesticides, fertilizers and large corporations’ manipulation, while creating a destination for the healing of the heart, mind, body & soul as well as at the same time encouraging young and old to adapt this philosophy into their daily lives.

To achieve this, we are looking for like-minded people to partake in this venture.

The intension is to create an environment that can be passed on to future generations, looking for people who will commit themselves to the Project, in terms of energy, time or passion and financially if they so wish. Creating a Living Environment that is all about a shared experience – created by sharing experience. 

In this way, we will be growing a family unit in France: One that has an investment in the future, in the environment and in the wellbeing of mankind through this protected pocket in the Dronne Valley in the Dordogne – where the air is clean, life is relatively slow and nature dominates.


Our philosophy is the priority, the core, the roots of the Association/Foundation with ten essential aspects:


The first and foremost : Total respect towards Nature and Mother Earth in every dimension.


Building a Living Environment that is based on Trust and the Truth.


Total respect and acceptance of each individual’s choice or non choice of religion/creed.


Strict ecological principals to be maintained without exception. Working hand in hand with “4 pour 1000” initiative launched by France to demonstrate that agriculture, its soils in particular, can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned.


Ideas, work, profit.


Total transparency to each individual involved in all dimensions.


Encourage all members, local or at distance, to work towards creating and maintaining a harmonious living environment, where positive thought and gratitude towards one another prevails.


Openness and honesty between all concerned.


Where all those, whether young or old, feel that their Life has a Meaning.


Culture, colour, creed, gender, sexuality, social status or ethnic origin to be of no significance.

To create a pure diamond it takes time, pressure and patience for something so pure to manifest

This is not the first Project of this kind to be created nor will it be the last.  Each Project is unique, each have their positives and their negatives.


An Association (Charity) has been registered:

Date of registration: 24 May 2016

Name of Association: ECRIS LE FUTUR (Write the Future)

Registration N°: W243004990

Registered at Le Préfet de la Dordogne, Perigueux, Dordogne

Registration: Aim

  • Creating a Living Environment for the personal development of young and old, harmonising mind, body and soul, encouraging everyone to adopt a pattern of pure, positive behaviour in aspects of daily life
  • Transform an area that will be situated in south-west France, an area that will eventually become free of all pollution in every respect
  • Collect funds to assist those who hold similar sentiments to develop a particular division within the area
  • Assist those who will adhere to the principles of organic small scale farming
  • Assist those who proposes creating a point of sale of the organic products produced by the small scale farmers
  • Create a well-being centre for alternative well-being treatments
  • Create a centre for artisans where they could work together in a studio
  • Purchase property/buildings where necessary
  • Raising funds for the setting up of a Foundation specifically for this Project
  • Raising awareness of the Project through various media


President : Anita Black (Founder)

South African

Speaks English and French

Has been a resident in France since 2003

Vice President : Patrick Lagnaud

French citizen

Retired attorney

Speaks French and English

Secretary : Josiane Puytorac

French citizen


Speaks French


As soon as sufficient funds have been received, by the Association, to finance the first purchase of land/property a Foundation will be registered.

The Foundation will be registered to:

  • Purchase agricultural land, which will be registered in the name of the Foundation and given to small scale farmers (see Small Scale Farming).
  • Purchase housing within the area for accommodation purposes (see Accommodation/Housing).
  • Finance restoration, if necessary, of the housing.
  • Assist those who wish to become part of the Project to setup Organic Self-Sufficient Small Scale Farming Projects.
  • Finance the Training of young and old in various Organic Farming methods to be undertaken on the land.
  • Create a Wellness Centre.
  • Create Housing for the elderly who could participate, pass on their knowledge, be part of the Living Environment and maintain meaning in their lives.
  • Create a Crafts Centre incorporating all creative mediums.
  • Create a School which encourages Free Thinking.
  • Create a Centre for Children in Need to come for vacations.
  • Create a co-op (farm stall) for the sale of products, as well as a bistro/cafe.
  • Sponsor the expenses of Specialists in various fields to hold workshops at the various Centres.
  • Purchase works of art for the gardens/centres, for the appreciation of all those who visit or partake.

To be undertaken in no particular order, depending on property becoming available, funds available. These decisions to be made by the elected members/committee.


The ethos of the Centre/Small Scale Organic Farming/School etc is not only to create employment for the local community, but to demonstrate that self-sufficiency is achievable and sustainable. Each Division will be run in harmony with the Living Environment but independent, thereby giving the Division the incentive to be sustainable and ultimately profitable.

Where possible utilise local people for the day to day operations within the Divisions, hence boosting regional employment.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

As part of the aim to grow awareness of the importance of organic farming, the WWOOF organisation will be supported – providing accommodation and food in exchange to those who would like to participate in an organic project.

This will help give a big boost to getting the various small scale farming projects under way.

Encourage youngsters with the necessary visa obligations who are looking for accommodation and food in exchange for labour.

Applications will be made to all levels:

  • Local
  • Regional
  • Departmental
  • National
  • EU

These will no doubt be vital assistance, in helping achieve this Living Environment. It will take time and patience to transform this area into a place of purity, protecting a piece of the Earth from the ravages of large scale corporations’ greed to pass on to future generations.


One does not have to live on the land or within the Area to be part of the Living Environment, being part of it would include:

  • Taking charge of a Division
  • Owning a business/land privately
  • Working within any of the centres
  • Sharing expertise
  • Assisting work force seasonally
  • Visiting regularly
  • Shopping at the farm store
  • Positive thoughts towards its success

As the Project develops so will the Living Environment and its participants grow, and take ownership of this venture.

Like-minded people will be drawn to participate with the pure, honest, energy that will be put out by those already participating.

Those who wish to be actively involved with this venture could be encouraged to select any Division, as long as they are maintained and run on strict organic principals, respecting and administrating the philosophy of the Project.  The setting up of each Division will be assisted by the Association/Foundation (subject to approval by the selected Committee).  Each Division will be run in harmony with the Project but independent, thereby giving the Division the incentive to be sustainable and ultimately independently profitable.

A Living environment where Living comes before Money where everyone can still have the opportunity to create an abundant lifestyle in all its forms.