The intension is to buy houses, within walking distance of the Agricultural Land and Centre, which would be rented out to the Participants and/or also to visitors to the Centre.

These properties would be transformed into:

  • Individual, self-contained units.


  • Communal living, bedrooms on suite with common lounge, kitchen, etc. (for Wellness Centre guests and those coming to work seasonally)

Individuals who would like to be part of the Project  would be encouraged to purchase a house within the area.

  • The house could be rented out to visitors of the Wellness Centre/Art Centre when not occupied by the owners, if they wish.
  • This could create work for local people, giving them the opportunity to maintain the property, do the changeover after each rental, do miscellaneous repairs and maintenance of the property for the owners.
  • Small scale farmers would also be encouraged to either own their own home or rent a home from the Foundation.*

Those who have become Members at distance, thereby giving their energy to the Project, could be encouraged to rent accommodation within the Project and come at any time to stay and assist in various projects for a few days/weeks/months.  They will be offered discounts according to the length of their Membership.

The vision is also to construct an ecological building on the land, consisting of a dormitory, communal kitchen/eating/living area to house students, seasonal workers, etc.  Encouraging young people to experience working within this Living Environment in exchange of accommodation and food.

thumb_img_1522_1024The ultimate aim would be that elderly people would be embraced within this Living Environment – housing will be purchased by the Foundation to accommodate those who choose to participate and live harmoniously as part of the Project.  This will not be a retirement home.

A beautiful, elegant building surrounded by gardens is envisaged – transformed into self-contained apartments to be rented to elderly people, covering the cost of taxes, repairs and maintenance*

All those using the Foundation’s housing or accommodation would be obliged to have Active Membership.

*Again it is emphasized that the Foundation will be a non-profit organization.