As Beatric Potter did in the UK the vision is for the Foundation to purchase surrounding agricultural land as and when funds permit and land becomes available, for this to mushroom and spread into a self-sufficient organic oasis of small scale farming.

The purchase of surrounding agricultural land will:

  • Reduce non-organic neighbours
  • Introduce various types of small scale farming
  • Re-introduce hedgerows to support Nature’s insects and birds
  • Eventually create a self-sufficient environment for the Centre.
  • Protect the land for future on-going generations
  • Create opportunities for those who want to participate but do not have the means

Anyone, whether living within the Area or not, could be allocated a small portion of land (approx. 1 hectare) which then the Foundation could assist financially, if required, to set it up.  After which the small scale farm would be the responsibility of that person/s to make it sustainable and profitable for themselves, always taking into account the philosophy of the Living Environment.

Needless to say individuals would also purchase land/buildings within the area and hopefully choose to live in harmony with this philosophy.

The plan is to utilise the land for:

  • Organic produce:
    • Vegetables
    • Wheat
    • Fruit
    • Vines – wine
    • Animal fodder
    • Animal bedding
    • Medicinal herbs
    • Bee keeping
  • Animals (supporting breeds which are becoming extinct)
    • Horses – working
    • Cattle – organic milk, butter, meat
    • Sheep
    • Pigs
    • Goats
    • Chickens – organic eggs, meat

Paths throughout area:

  • Contact with animals – therapy
  • Inter linked with the Centre
  • Benches – stop and contemplate, sit and stare
  • Easy walking access for the elderly

Those who have been allocated a portion of land (owned by the Foundation) but given to the person for life under the following conditions:

That they undertake to practice the fundamental philosophies of the Foundation/Living Environment:

  • At all times have total respect for Nature and Mother Earth
  • Ecological farming principles to be administered by 100%
  • Practise altruism/honesty/trust/transparency
  • Maintain the land so that it remains pleasing to the eye and links in with the dignified elegance of the centres, Moulin de Larcy and the property where the elderly have their apartments
  • 10% of their produce to be sold at the organic food outlet, with the proceeds going towards the Foundation to assist future small scale organic ventures
  • If and when the person/family no longer wish to run their small scale organic venture it will be taken over by another person/family.
  • No tents, caravans or make-shift housing would be permitted as permanent living quarters

The reason for the land remaining in the Foundation is to protect the Foundations principles and the land for future generations from large corporate greed which is generally driven by money/profit first at the cost of everything else.

The Foundation is a non-profit making organization and therefore the individual small scale farmers would be required to cover the costs of the taxes payable on the land.

All those using the Centre as their outlet, whether therapist, artist, regional supplier, organic farmer, market stall holder, would be obliged to have Active Membership.